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Ignite – Kundalini Fusion – A tantric yoga school

where energy meets philosophy


What is Kundalini?

Kundalini is the energy of our soul, the energy of consciousness, awareness of the higher self, the emanation of our infinity.
Kundalini is the energy of the cosmos within each individual. Kundalini is imagined as a coiled serpent lying asleep at the base of our spine. It is the dormant energy within us that expands our awareness.

What happens when we tap into our Kundalini energy?

We become aware of our creative capacities and our radiant caliber. We become aware of our finite relationship with infinity.

What makes it possible to experience Kundalini energy?

When the glandular system is activated and the nervous system is strong, the energies of the two systems combine to create a movement or flow of the spinal fluid, a sensitivity in the nerve endings. The brain in its totality receives signals and integrates them.

What is the result?

A new clarity expands our perceptions. We understand the effect and the impact of an action before we take it. We are at a choice whether to act or not to act because we have awareness. Awareness brings choice and choice brings freedom.

Is Kundalini energy necessary?

The human system was built to sustain the awakening of Kundalini energy. We cannot live without a constant flow of kundalini energy. The difference is the amount of the flow.


What is Tantra?

Tantra itself means “to weave, to expand, and to spread”, according to tantric masters. The fabric of life connects you to your highest existence when all of the threads are woven into the pattern designed by nature. From the beginning, starting from our genetic line, we learn to move through life using filters such as desires, attachments, and fears. These patterns and filters tangle and tear the threads that weaves us together, slowly disfiguring the fabric. Tantra practice reweaves the fabric and restores the original pattern aligning the connection to the source. This path is a systematic science called yoga.
By practicing yoga, we find the awareness which enables us to reach our fullest potential each and every moment, accepting all of life. If you are ready to accept everything you find within yourself you will be able to move through life with deeper sensitivity opening you to love which unlocks the channels of multidimensional creativity.


What is Shamanism?

Shamanism is the healing connection and communication with the intelligence that permeates all things. It is the return to wholeness, not only for the individual, but for community and the Earth. It is here in the circle of shamanism that the deep, intuitive wisdom of nature transforms and heals us. Here everything comes alive. The elements are not only raw aspects of our sensory experience which sustain our sentient bodies,  but water, air, earth, fire and ether become forces that work with us. They have their own potent knowing and are the building blocks of life which create substance of environment. When we enter the circle, the 7 directions, North, East, South, West, above, Below and Within are advisors, wise in the ways of this world. Their wisdom establishes time and space. Each direction offers a lesson for each phase of our lives. Everything in our world is born from this way of orienting ourselves. In this way we also remember our physical, mental, emotional and spirit bodies are actually all energetic bodies and we start to create a foundation for possibility.  It is through this knowledge that we come to see disconnection, unhappiness or imbalance in the body, mind or spirit is caused by the result of the intellects failure to perceive things as they are; a failure to interpret how the intelligence all around us is communicating.  Instead of understanding the language of our bodies, nature or the energy around us, in our society we experience constant stimulus   – mental, emotional, or physical, real or imagined – that overwhelms the body’s ability to maintain its identity. This creates dis-ease, feelings of isolation and depression.  In shamanism we reconnect to the whole, becoming aware of our body’s abilities to sense, interpret and understand the living environment around us. This is not limited to the five senses, but includes our whole being communicating through an intricate web connecting us to life. In the teachings of the shaman, when the human body and the living world are deeply connected through the streams of energy, everything we need for transformation, at any given time is offered. Within shamanism exist the potent practices of clearing and creating space for calling back the fragmented parts of our selves that have become disconnected, numb, disempowered and lost through trauma or times of stress. We are reclaimed, reconnected and reintegrated for a new sense of wholeness and relationship to everything around us. Come learn and experience this deep form of healing with us.